Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Easy Cuban Style Cuisine

This is an easy way to make an inexpensive and light work latin/cuban style dish in under 45 minutes.

I bought a roasted chicken from the supermarket and quartered it. I also brought Goya brand frozen plantains. They are as close to restaurant quality as you can get and don't require the time and hassle of slicing and frying your own. These two steps save a lot of work and costs under $10.

I simmered some brown rice (that is what I had) and made a can of black beans. I sautéed garlic, onions and chili peppers then added them to the beans for some additional kick. I also sliced some white onion and slowly sautéed them until translucent.

Put it all together and you have a quick, cheap and delicious meal for 3-4 people at under $15.

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